Addendum to Whirligig Mind – One Way to Stop the Whirl

Just after I posted yesterday, I got a message from one of our Circle, Marilyn Zion, who recommended a computer app called “Freedom“. She writes:

“Have been using “Freedom” for 2 days and wrote straight through from 8:30-12:00 this morning. Didn’t check email or surf the net for one minute.”

Sounds good to me! I’m about to download it and start writing for the rest of the afternoon.

Read about Freedom and several other options to stop the Internet whirligig in its tracks at “Stay on Target” from The Economist.



  • Lisa

    What is really funny about this…is that your post has a link to a “feed” attached to the word FREEDOM that took me away from reading your blog, to reading about FREEDOM…now there’s your irony!

    I think the only way to get away from all distractions is to put down the gadgets physically and go somewhere without all the gadgets. And even then, when a writer wants to be distracted they will be!

    • Judith

      Irony, indeed. I still think the best discipline is to bring a notebook to a coffee shop or a library and just write. Or dig up an old laptop with no wireless card. I have one around here, though the battery is certainly dead. With each step we move forward technologically, we take two steps backward creatively. Enough is enough!

  • Lisa

    Agreed..but to clarify…I truly LOVE the little “shout out” per se — such as the little box that appears above the word “Freedom” — technology is grand which is why we allow ourselves to be taken away by it. So much potential! Now back to work….to write w/ a pen and paper!

    Thanks for your hard work on the blog and all, it’s really great!

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