Events & Workshops

Creative Writing Workshops and Mentoring

I’ve been working with aspiring and accomplished writers for years through The Writers Circle, a creative writing organization that I founded in 2010.  TWC offers creative writing workshops for children, teens and adults in five northern New Jersey locations.  I also work with writers privately (in person or virtually) on their full-length manuscripts and have had clients from around the world; though I’m particular about the projects I take on, since I need to preserve a lot of time for my own writing. Visit TWC’s website to find out more about working with me or any of TWC’s other wonderful author-instructors.


I love to visit with book groups to talk about my books and the writing process in general.  Contact me to find out more.

For Book Groups:

“I’ve never had an author bring a book to life the way that Judith did…. Judith is multi-talented — not only is she a gifted writer but she has a career that includes acting. The years of studying lines and parts and language allowed her to light an internal fire on her book like no one else could.

And for the people in the room, she brought a third dimension to the book solely through her words and expression and the ultimate love and intimacy that only she could have with this book.

It’s nights like these that I am able to say “this is why I do this” …

– Comments from the host of one of Judith’s events