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Complete quotes from bestselling authors including Christina Baker-Kline.


Here’s what makes AKMARAL a must-read, hand-sell favorite:

BELOVED, BESTSELLING CATEGORY: As shown by the popularity of novels including Madeline Miller’s CIRCE, books by Natalie Haynes, Pat Barker, and KAIKEYI by Vaishnavi Patel, readers adore feminist retellings of the ancient past, especially those that cross into a mystical reality. But Akmaral is more than a mythological character. She is based on true archaeological discoveries and history.

PERFECT FOR BOOK CLUBS: Raising provocative questions about matriarchy and misogyny, the nature of love, cultural allegiance, violence, warfare, and other urgent issues, AKMARAL will keep book clubs talking long after their meeting time is done.

FIERCE FEMALE PROTAGONIST: Narrated by a powerful woman warrior, this novel gives full voice to the complex role of women in leadership, present and past, and to questions of life and death, motherhood, love and loyalty.

FULL OF HISTORICAL FACT AND MYSTICISM: Rooted in the stories of ancient Amazon warrior women, this novel digs deep into the true history of women who rode the ancient Asian steppes and fought side by side with men. It reveals ancient beliefs and mystical practices that reflect a rich spiritual relationship between humans and the natural world.

RESPECTED HISTORICAL NOVELIST: Judith Lindbergh’s acclaimed debut novel, THE THRALL’S TALE about women in Viking Age Greenland, was praised by Pulitzer Prize winners Geraldine Brooks and Robert Olen Butler. Lindbergh returns with a new novel that reveals forgotten history and brings a powerful woman’s story to life.