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Want to get a taste of AKMARAL? Or get ready for a fantastic conversation with your book club? Below are all the links you need, from a sample chapter to book club Q&A and an interview with me. And if you’re really curious, you can dig into some of my research. The selected list is just the surface of a very deep well of information gathered over years of work. And trust me, I’m still researching! Once a topic captures my soul, I’m committed for life.

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Booking Author Visits & Book Club Events

I am always thrilled to speak with book clubs and other groups about my historical novels, crazy in-depth research, and why I am drawn to truly obscure places and cultures in history. I also love sharing my passion for the creative process and all that I’ve learned running and teaching at The Writers Circle. At my events and book talks, I include creative writing prompts and exercises to encourage everyone to discover their own creative voice.

I am available for:

  • book clubs
  • author events
  • speaking engagements
  • writers’ conferences
  • book festivals
  • creative writing workshops

To book me, contact Laura Marie PR or use my contact page. I’m also part of the fantastic Novel Network/ Adventures by the Book. If your book club takes part, you can use this free service to arrange virtual and in-person author visits.

Speaking at the Madeleine L'Engle "Walking on Water" Conference in New York City.
I've never had an author bring a book to life the way that Judith did.... Judith is multi-talented -- not only is she a gifted writer but she has a career that includes acting. The years of studying lines and parts and language allowed her to light an internal fire on her book like no one else could. And for the people in the room, she brought a third dimension to the book solely through her words and expression and the ultimate love and intimacy that only she could have with this book. It's nights like these that I am able to say "this is why I do this" ...
-Comments from the host of one of my recent events