Recent Publications & Other Things I Do

I don’t really write a lot of short fiction, though I’ve had a few essays and narrative nonfiction published over the years.  If you want to hear my “voice,” check out my entries on The Writers Circle’s blog.  Most are written with my students in mind, musings on the writing life, getting published (or not), and why we write at all.

My work has appeared in numerous publications including Archaeology Magazine, Scandinavian Review, Tiferet, The World & I, the literary journal Other Voices, and most recently in UP HERE: The North at the Center of the World published by University of Washington Press. I also contributed to the Smithsonian Institution’s exhibition Vikings: The Norse Atlantic Saga and was an expert commentator on the History Channel’s documentary series MANKIND: The Story of All of Us.

Through The Writers Circle, I’ve given hundreds of presentations and workshops about creative writing.  Find out more about all our events, special guest speakers and more at The Writers Circle.

I also dabble in photography and have had photographs published as well as shows in New York City and elsewhere.  I’m too busy to do much professionally with photography these days, but I still shoot.  Keep an eye on my work on Pinterest and like/share them.  Maybe I’ll get around to doing another show when the kids go off to college!