Segment Ideas and Interview Topics

for novelist Judith Lindbergh

Why Should We Care About Ancient History?

  • Does the Russia/Ukraine conflict have ancient roots?
  • What might the world have been like before there were borders, governments, and nations?
  • Climate change and ancient conflict—what drove ancient people to move?
  • What risks for conflict do we face today in our changing climate?
  • What can we learn from ancient people who had a more intimate connection with the natural world?

How Creative Writing—and Creativity in General—Can Help Everyone from Kids to Adults

As the Founder/Director of The Writers Circle, Judith would discuss:

  • her journey as a writer, but also through several creative careers, including dancer, actor, and photographer;
  • how her grounding in creativity helped her found The Writers Circle, a creative writing center based in New Jersey, in 2010;
  • the value of a writer’s community for writing and much more; how to find or found a writing community;
  • how The Writers Circle buoyed Judith through many years of struggle and small triumphs;
  • how a community of writers provides its own rewards beyond the elusive goal of publication.

Judith would mention her own writing as part of the segment:

  • What it takes to be an author: As the author of two literary historical novels published eighteen years apart, Judith can speak personally about the persistence and commitment required to continue writing against all odds.

Myth Versus Reality: Wonder Woman or The Woman King?

Amazons and warrior women are more than comic book heroes. Archaeology proves that they were real. Judith would discuss:

  • Examples from archaeology that prove the legends of the Amazons in the Trojan War and other tales;
  • Myths and social assumptions about women in warfare or leadership;
  • How, when, and why women had leadership roles in ancient societies;
  • How a writer pieces together bits of bone, artifacts, and hefty academic research to create a novel about the ancient past.